BuComm 1811-03

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BuComm Order 1811-03 was issued November 29th, 2018 by the Fourth Space Lord. This order appoints a new member to the BuComm staff.

Order Text

To: All Members of TRMN
From: David Weiner, RADM, Fourth Space Lord
Re: BuComm Order 1811-03 - Appointment of Director of Publications

As of the 22nd of November, Lieutenant (SG) Karyn Hill, KDE, QBM, RMN, is appointed to the position of Director of Publications for the Bureau of Communications, with all rights and responsibilities associated with that role. Lieutenant (SG) Hill, please take your position post haste. Hereof nor you nor any of you may fail as you will answer the contrary at your Peril.

In Honor of the Queen

Issued by:
David Weiner, GCE, MC, KR, SC, OG, DSO, QBM
Rear Admiral, RMN
Fourth Space Lord, BuComm
Baron, Serpent Head Point


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