BuComm 1808-01

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NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been
provided by the issuing authority or the TRMN Announcements & Orders group on Facebook.

BuComm Order 1808-01 was issued August 22nd, 2018 by the Fourth Space Lord. This order appoints a new member to the BuComm staff.

Order Text

To: All Members of TRMN
From: David Weiner, RADM, Fourth Space Lord
Re: BuComm Order 1808-01 - Appointment of Deputy Director of Web Services

Captain Ash, you are hereby directed to report to Admiralty House where you will report to Commodore @AJ Olsen, D4SL (Web) and assume the duties of Deputy Director of Web Services. Fail not in this charge!

In Honor of the Queen

Issued by:
David Weiner, KSK, GCE, CGM
Rear Admiral, RMN
Fourth Space Lord, BuComm
Baron, Serpent Head Point


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