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The Bureau of Personnel (abbrev: BuPers) is one of the seven bureaus of the Royal Manticoran Navy. The head of this bureau is known as the Fifth Space Lord (abbrev: 5SL), an office currently occupied by the Baron of Bahia Cadiz, Rear Admiral of the Red Lord Kim Niemeyer, KSK, KDE, SC, OG, QBM. BuPers holds the responsibility for the disposition of all members within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.; including applications, transfers, adjustments of rank, and billeting.

Organization & Mandate


Fifth Space Lord

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 ADM Vicky Edwards Feb 2008 10 Sep 2012
2 ADM Anne Zecca, MMO, GSN 10 Sep 2012[1] 04 Nov 2014
3 RADM Lady Stephanie Taylor-Morgan, SC, GS 04 Nov 2014[2] 11 Nov 2016[3]
4 RADM Lord Sir Kim Neimeyer, KSK, KDE, SC, OG, QBM 11 Nov 2016[3] 22 Mar 2020[4]
5 RADM Sir David Misener, KDE, SC 22 Mar 2020[5] Incumbent

Deputy Fifth Space Lord

# Name Assumed Relieved Space Lord
1 CDRE Lord Sir Kim Niemeyer, KDE, SC 08 Dec 2015 11 Nov 2016 RADM Taylor-Morgan
2 RADM Lady Stephanie Taylor-Morgan, SC, GS 11 Nov 2016[3] 1 Nov 2017 RADM Niemeyer
3 CDRE Sir TJ Allen, OE 1 Nov 2017[6] 28 May 2019
4 CDRE Sir David Misener, KDE, SC 28 May 2019 22 Mar 2020
5 CDRE Tracy Newby, CE, CBM 22 Mar 2020[7] Incumbent RADM David Misener

Bureau Staff

Office of Awards

  • Director, Awards and Staff Liaison Officer, FLA: RADM Beau Thacker, QBM
  • CPOIC, Office of Awards: CPO Christina Doane, QBM

Office of Retention

  • Director, Office of Retention: CAPTJG Patrick Hagemeier, QBM - Email: director.oor@bupers.trmn.org
  • Deputy Director, Office of Retention: Lieutenant Commander David Kling
  • Communications Officer, Office of Retention: ENS Michael E. Panter, OC - Email: oor.comms@bupers.trmn.org
  • Personnelman, Office of Retention: VACANT
  • Petty Officer in Charge of Administration Department, Office of Retention: CPO Stephen Palmer
  • Coordinator, Distance Operations: LTSG Joshua Dadd, ME, QBM
  • Coordinator, Online Gaming Innovations: VACANT

MEDUSA Data Operations Center

Bureau Orders


  1. Admiralty Order 1209-02
  2. Admiralty Order 1511-01
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Admiralty_Order_1611-01
  4. Resignation Announcement
  5. Naval Directive 20MA-01
  6. BuPers Order 1711-01
  7. Appointment announcement

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