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Task Force 22 (abbrev: TF22) is a task force-level echelon reporting to the Second Fleet. Commanded by CAPTSG Sir Sherman Day, GCE, SC, CGM, CBM, RMN from his flagship HMS Demon, its area of operations includes the U.S. states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and the lower peninsula of Michigan.


Task Force 22 was formed on 09 December 2016 through Naval Directive 16DEC-01, which appointed CAPTSG Sir Sherman Day to the position of Commanding Officer. Captain Day chose his previous command, HMS Demon (CLAC-62) as his Flag Ship, under the command of CAPTJG Geoff Strayer.

Task Force 22 Commanding Officers

# Name Flagship Assumed Relieved
1 CDRE Sir Sherman Day HMS Demon 09 Dec 2016[1] Incumbent

Task Force Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer: CDRE Sir Sherman Day, , KSK, GCE, SC, CGM, CBM, RMN
  • Deputy Commanding Officer: CAPTSG Jimmy Nelson, KE, RMN
  • Flag Captain: [[CAPTJG Justin F. Dupras, KDE, OG, GS, CBM, RMN (HMS Demon)
  • Chief of Staff: VACANT
  • Flag Lieutenant: VACANT
  • Non Commissioned Officer-In-Charge: VACANT
  • Intelligence Officer: LCDR Cassandria Vestweber, RMN
  • Operations Officer: ENS Justin Birt, RMN
  • Communications Officer: VACANT
  • Personnel Officer: ENS VACANT
  • Training Officer: VACANT
  • Logistics Officer: VACANT
  • Lead Steward: WO1 Ursula Day, KDE, SC, RMN

Area of Operations

TF 22 consists of ships located in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky, The Task Force carries a LAC wing and two task groups as subordinate echelons, including Cruiser Division 711.

LAC Wing 62

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LAC 62 - Wing Commander

Unassigned All Light Attack Craft in Task Force 22 are assigned to the 62nd LAC Wing, based aboard HMS Demon (CLAC-62). The Wing's Acting Commanding Officer is CO HMS DemonCAPTJG Justin Dupras KDE, OG, GS, CBM.

===Task Force 22.1 (Task Force 22.1)===(Michigan, Indiana, Illinois)

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Task Force 22.1 Commanding Officer

CAPTSG Jackie Snedden, GCE, OR, QBM, CBM

===Task Force 22.2 (Task Force 22.2===(Ohio, Kentucky)

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Task Force 22.2 Commanding Officer

CAPTJG Jimmy Nelson

Cruiser Division 711 (CruDiv 711)

Cruiser Division 711 Commanding Officer

CAPTJG Kevin Johnson

Task Force Orders

NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been
provided by the issuing authority or the TRMN Announcements & Orders group on Facebook.
Order Effective Date Subject Status


  1. Naval Directive 16DEC-01

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