SMRS Hohenzollern (SMRS-01)

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SMRS Hohenzollern (SMRS-01), is the Space Station of the Imperial Andermani Navy (IAN). The Station serves as the Holding Chapter for the IAN. Any crew member who has signed up without selecting a chapter is placed here. In addition, some crew choose this chapter, for example if there are no chapters near their real world location.

SMRS Hohenzollern (SMRS-01) has been the designated holding station of the IAN since it’s inception in 2016. Traditionally the position of Station CO has been held by the Großadmiral der Flotte of the IAN, until 2023 when it was passed to Executive Officer of the VII Fleet, who has held it ever since.

Previous Commanding Officers

No. Name Assumed Relieved
1 Großadmiral der Flotte Ritter Philip Wohlrab, IAN 18 December 2016 15 January 2022
2 Großadmiral der Flotte Ritter David J Westover, IAN 15 January 2022 23 May 2023
3 Flotillenadmiral Ritter Timothy Simpson, IAN 23 May 2023[1] Incumbent

Command staff

  • Commanding Officer: Flotillenadmiral Ritter Timothy Simpson, IAN
  • Executive Officer: Oberleutnant der Sterne Roy Hollar, IAN
  • Bosun: Oberstabsbootsmann Joseph Capdepon II, IAN
  • Personnelman: Obermaat Ender Turner, IAN[2]

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