Meritorious Service Medal (GSN)

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Meritorious Service Medal
29 - Meritorious Service Medal.png
Authority: Squadron or Battalion Commanding Officers.
Frequency: One per Member per Command Level per Calendar Year.
Branches: GSN

For the Manticoran award of the same name, see Meritorious Service Medal

The Meritorious Service Medal is an award issued to recognize a Grayson Space Navy member down to the Ship / Company Level, for meritorious service to the unit. No canonical references exist for recipients.

TRMN Information

Meritorious service to the unit can be anything that makes the member stand out, although taking courses through the Bureau of Training academies is expressly prohibited as a basis for this award. As this award is designed to show that the recipient works hard and performs their duties to a level of excellence, civilians serving onboard ship in any well-defined role are also eligible to receive this award.

How to Obtain

Unit commanding officers at the Squadron or Battalion level can issue this award at their discretion. Such commanding officers can include the Senior Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy.

Recipients of this Award

A full list of members is coming soon.


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