GNS Covington Ship's Order 1808-01

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GNS Covington Ship's Order 1808-01 was issued 23 August 2018 by CAPT David Sanders. This order is regarding crew promotions.

Order Text

To: All officers and enlisted personnel of GNS Covington (CLAC-01) and all the Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Captain David Sanders, GSN
Re: Crew Promotions (GNS Covington Ship's Order 1808-01)

IAW AO 1707-01 and after reviewing the service and educational records, I have assessed my crew and found that, as of 2018 August 23, the below listed personnel have fulfilled the requirements to be promoted:

RMN-0245-11 Petty Officer 3rd Class Lloyd Seely, GSN to Petty Officer 2nd Class (E-5)

RMN-5235-18 Spacer 3rd Class Ryan Arnold Moursund, RMN to Spacer 2nd Class (E-2)

RMN-5239-18 Spacer 3rd Class Ben Nettleship, RMN to Spacer 2nd Class (E-2)

By my authority, as Commanding Officer, GNS Covington (CLAC-01), I hereby authorize their promotions.

Do honor to your Homeland, your Service and your Station and your Rank and thereby do honor unto yourself.

This is now part of your Test for you to stand and meet as best you can.


" "
Issued by:
David Sanders
Captain, GSN
Commanding Officer
GNS Covington (CLAC-01)


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