Fourth Fleet Order 04-1911-17

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Fourth Fleet Order 04-1911-17 was issued 19 November 2017 by Commanding Officer Fourth Fleet. This order issued two promotions to officers in Fourth Fleet.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Grayson Space Navy, the Royal Manticoran Forces, Imperial Andermani Navy, Republic of Haven Navy, and Allied Navies
From: Rear Admiral Martyn Griffiths, Commanding Officer, Grayson Home Fleet
Re: Fleet Promotion (Fleet Order 04-1911-17)

As of the date of this order, by my hand, and by the authority of Benjamin Bernard Jason Mayhew IX, Protector of Grayson, the following awards are presented.

As per Admiralty-Order-1707-01. The following are promoted:

RMN-0150-11, 2LT Alexis Michelle Templet, RMMC from O1 to O2

RMN-0161-11, ENS Alfred Moragas, RMN from O1 to O2

The Above is effective as of 19 Nov 2017

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Issued by:
Rear Admiral Martyn Griffiths GSN
Commanding Officer, Grayson Home Fleet,
Steadholder Pittman