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The RMMM Engineering College is a part of the Merchant Fleet Academy and is a school Within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. This college is responsible for proctoring and instructing merchant spacers in the areas of power systems, propulsion systems including hyperdrive and impeller drives, environmental sciences and leadership.

The engineering department oversees propulsion, power generation and maintenance and repair of ships systems. Passing of the Wiper exam and appropriate KJLSS course makes one eligible to have one’s rank title changed from Spacer 2 to Wiper. Completing at least two engineering endorsement exams makes a Spacer 3 eligible to become a Technician 3. At least four engineering endorsement exams are required for a Spacer 4 to become a Technician 4. At least six are needed for a Spacer 5, and eight are needed for a Spacer 6 to become a Technician 6.

The Engineering College is home to the

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