Butrain Directive BD 001-17

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BuTrain Directive BD 001-17 was issued 2 February 2017 under the authority of the Sixth Space Lord. It changes the Command Line of Authority and Chain of Command within BuTrain.

Order Text

To: All BuTrain Faculty and Staff
From: ADM Lord Sir James Friedline, KSK, KE, SC, CGM, RMN
Re: Command Line of Authority and Chain of Command within BuTrain

This directive is being released to clarify how each Academy reports through the chain of command and what is the direct responsibility of each Academy to the Bureau of Training. There has been some confusion as to what Department/Academy comes under which Command within the TRMN. This is the policy which is to be followed:

All Military Academies, Civilian Universities and Commission Training Programs will come directly Under the Office of the Sixth Space Lord. The Royal Manticoran Naval Academy (aka Saganami Island Naval Academy or SIA), as of this current directive, teaches only RMN courses. It includes the following Colleges and Centers: Naval College (Enlisted Training Center and Officer Training Center), Naval War College, Naval Technical Specialties College, and Advanced Tactical Center. The Commandant of the Saganami Island Naval Academy reports directly to the Office of the Sixth Space Lord. This is not a liaison position. The Heads of the following Departments are considered liaison appointments to the Sixth Space Lord by their Division. They will follow any directives put out by the Command Authority of their Division (i.e. RMA, RMMC, GSN etc,), However, those heads/liaisons will report directly to the Office of the Sixth Space Lord concerning all matters relating to the academy management, exams, special academy requests or changes, and personnel.

  • The Royal Manticoran Marine Academy
  • The Royal Manticoran Army Academy
  • Sphinx Forestry Commission Academy
  • The Grayson Space Navy Academy
  • Imperial Andermani Navy Academy
  • Royal Merchant Fleet Academy
  • Royal Manticoran Astro Control Academy
  • Landing University System - civilian
  • Any future Academies or Departments created under or within BuTrain will be subject to this directive at the time of its creation and naming of a liaison.

The following items and actions fall directly to the Sixth Space Lord or a designate:

  • Exam approval before release to the membership
  • Special requests or program development specific to each academy
  • Promotions and personnel actions

The various Academies are encouraged to work autonomously and to continue development of their unique programs, encourage advancement of their personnel, and keep the Office of the Sixth Pace Lord advised as directed.

Effective: 2 February 2017

In Honor of the Queen and in Memory of Commodore Edward Saganami

Issued by:
Lord Sir James Friedlines, KSK, KE, SC, CGM
Admiral of the Green, Sixth Space Lord
Earl, Neu Odenwaldkreis

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