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Star Kingdom University System
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Core College
Landing University
Queen's College
Mannheim University
Society of Economics and Political Science
Xenology Society
Society of World Civilisations
Historical Society
Society of Applied Sciences


Welcome to the Star Kingdom University System (SKU), the civilian academies for The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. We offer a wide variety of courses in several different subjects. Courses are designed around the civilian aspects of the Honorverse.

At this time the Star Kingdom University System is comprised of:


Regent and Provosts

The Regent of the Star Kingdom University System oversees all activity within the Core College, Landing University and Mannheim University. Each University then has a Provost that reports directly to the SKU Regent.


Instructors are the primary link in the chain between students and the Star Kingdom University System. Instructors oversee a course or series of courses. Instructors assist students, grade courses, post results and provide completion certificates to students.