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Star Kingdom University System
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Core College
Landing University
King's College
Queen's College
Mannheim University
Society of Economics and Political Science
Xenology Society
Society of World Civilisations
Historical Society
Society of Applied Sciences

The Core College at the Star Kingdom University System is the gateway to the rest of your learning journey. Core College courses are required for all students who wish to continue their education in SKU’s other colleges or universities. The Core curriculum focuses on the basics of TRMN and the Honorverse. Once you have completed your Core Courses in the Core College, you will be awarded an Associate of Arts Degree and can attend any of the other universities in the SKU system.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Core One SKU-CORE-01 Membership
Core Two SKU-CORE-02 SKU-CORE-01
Core Three SKU-CORE-03 SKU-CORE-02
Core Four SKU-CORE-04 SKU-CORE-03