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Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy
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IMNA Naval College
Enlisted Training Center
Officer Training Center
IMNA War College
IMNA Technical Specialties College
IMNA Alvarez Field LAC Training Command
IMNA Administration Department
IMNA Tactical Department
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IMNA Astrogation Department
IMNA Logistics Department
IMNA Hugh Yanakov Centre for the Study of Military Law

IMNA’s War College provides the final tempering and polish to an already fine weapon. The arts of tactics and strategy are fitted further becoming the sheath within which the Sword’s Edge rests. By the time an individual completes these final courses in the Career Advancement Curriculum, they will be, without a doubt, the keenest Edge possible, projecting the Sword’s decrees and policies.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Command Ethics Course IMNA-GSN-1000 IMNA-GSN-0106
Commodore Course IMNA-GSN-1001 IMNA-GSN-1000
Rear Admiral Course IMNA-GSN-1002 IMNA-GSN-1001 & GPU-ALC-1111
Vice Admiral Course IMNA-GSN-1003 IMNA-GSN-1002 & GPU-ALC-1112
Admiral Course IMNA-GSN-1004 IMNA-GSN-1003
High Admiral Course IMNA-GSN-1005 IMNA-GSN-1004