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Considering the importance of light attack craft (LAC)s in the modern battlefield, the Sword decided having a dedicated center for those individuals serving aboard them was warranted. All courses a the LAC Training Center are focused on LACs, their tactics, and in further developing their doctrine and training.

Introduction to Light Attack Craft School

Light Attack Craft are nimble craft which, when called upon, may see them find action in dogfights with other LACs. The tactics of such fights, and how best to utilize an LAC in combat, are taught here.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Intro to Light Attack Craft IMNA-AFLTC-01 IMNA-GSN-0101

Fission Power Technician School

Since all modern LACs use a Fission Pile as opposed to a Fusion Plant, technicians assigned to LACs and the engineers who are designing future combatants go through this course to make sure they have the necessary skills needed to keep the LACs flying safely and efficiently.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Fission Power Technician IMNA-AFLTC-33A IMNA-GSN-0001
Senior Fission Power Technician IMNA-AFLTC-33M IMNA-GSN-0002
Master Fission Power Technician IMNA-AFLTC-33C IMNA-GSN-0004
Fission Power Warrant Officer IMNA-AFLTC-33W IMNA-GSN-0011
Fission Power Officer IMNA-GTSC-33D IMNA-GSN-0101