BuPlan Dispatch 1708-01

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Buplan Dispatch 1708-01 was issued 20 August 2017 under the authority of the Second Space Lord. It Mentions members who helped BuPlan.

Order Text

To: All Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Second Space Lord
Re: Exceptional Service to BuPlan (BuPlan Dispatch 1708-01)

Let it be known that Ensign Z Krick, CBM , RMN, Communications Officer BuPlan, Went above and beyond organizing and staffing the different fleets and branches with our new BuPan Agents. These agents are there to help. Z Marie has done this will little direction as this position had to be re-created from scratch. She is one of the first to dive in and make sure tasks get done.

Let it be known that Command Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Bill Lochen, KSK, OC, KR, RMN Has gone above and beyond in writing and teaching many of our members about hospitality towards our fellow TRMN members or Perspective members at all times. Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Lochen embodies what we all should strive to act like while representing TRMN at Conventions.

Let it be known that Commodore Cindy Jeffers, KDE, CR, CGM as well as Colonel Robert W.C. Folden, KE, SC, OG has gone above and beyond during hard times in real life, to make sure that we built a wonderful Bureau. They have been at the Second Space Lords side no matter what. They were and are my rock. Together they have cheered on and embraced the needs and wants of the memberships recruitment needs and convention needs.

Commodore Cindy Jeffers specifically has done s much to help us all get this manual together. Without her we would not be so close to finishing.

Let it be know that Rear Admiral of the Red Heidi Nelson, MC, SC, OG, The Seventh Space Lord, has gone above and beyond helping us make recruitment and swag (marketing materials) readily available and affordable for our members. Together with BuPlan we have made things happen, Thank you Admiral Nelson for hearing us out and helping us out.

For their exceptional service to the BuPlan, and the Royal Manticoran Navy (and the Grand Alliance as a whole), they are all hereby Mentioned in Dispatches by their grateful Admiral.

By my hand on this date, August 20, 2017

Honored to serve,

Issued by:
Diane K Bulkeley, KDE, MC, CR
Rear Admiral of the Green, RMN
Second Space Lord, Bureau of Planning
Duchess, Mountain View



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