BuPlan Directive 2003-01

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BuPlan Directive 2003-01 was issued on 29 Februry 2020 under the authority of the Second Space Lord. This directive establishes the Department of Marketing, Branding, and Art in the Bureau of Planning and appoints a Director and Deputy Director for the department.

Order Text

To: The Royal Manticoran Navy and all Allied Groups
From: RADM Lady Dame Cheryl Krause, GCE, KDR, MC, Second Space Lord (incoming), Baroness New Hastings
Re: Bureau of Planning Directive 2003-01 Appointment of Art Directors

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my duty and pleasure to announce the new and fabulous Department of Marketing, Branding and Art within the Bureau of Planning.

Effective 1 March, 2020, this department is responsible for all artwork and marketing materials that support the TRMN brand including The Royal Manticoran Navy and all affiliated groups and subgroups.

I am pleased to announce that Vice Admiral of the Red Lady Dame Diane Bulkeley, KDE, KCR, MC, Baroness New Essex will be heading up this department as Director. Her extensive experience in marketing and with the branding standards of TRMN, as well as her creativity and dedication to the organization make her a perfect fit for this role.

We appreciate her willingness to step out of her much deserved retirement to ensure that the quality of artwork that we are all used to remains constant.

I am also pleased to announce that Commodore Sir Zach White, KDE, KCR, MC will be assisting Vice Admiral D. Bulkeley as Deputy Director.

Commodore White also has extensive experience in working with TRMN art and branding. His dedication to a professional look for the organization makes him the ideal person to fill this post.

Both Vice Admiral D. Bulkeley and Commodore White have previously served as Chief of Staff for BuComm under Admiral Robert Bulkeley and had a part in developing the art and branding standards for the organization. In their new positions, they will continue their work to ensure those standards are upheld.

Vice Admiral D. Bulkeley and Commodore White are both excited to be working together on this new venture. To quote Commodore White, “I guess somewhere in hell they are ice skating and pigs are flying.” , " He's not wrong..." (D .Bulkelely).

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the ultimate dream team, please join me in thanking them for making the time to serve where the organization needs them most and welcoming them to their new positions.

Vice Admiral D. Bulkeley and Commodore White, I expect you in your offices tomorrow morning, fail not in this duty at your peril and may the Tester have mercy on us all.

Issued by:
Lady Dame Cheryl Krause, GCE, KDR, MC
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Space Lord (Incoming), Bureau of Planning
Baroness, New Hastings



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