BuComm 1708-01

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NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been provided by the issuing authority or are as posted in the TRMN Forums.

BuComm Order 1708-01 was issued August 06th, 2017 by the Fourth Space Lord. This order appoints a new Data Systems Technician.

Order Text

To: All Members of TRMN
From: David Weiner, RADM, Fourth Space Lord
Re: BuComm Order 1708-01 - Appointment of Data Systems Technician

Effective 0001 Hours, 6 AUG 2017, Chief Petty Officer James E Cress (RMN-2874-16) is hereby appointed as a Data System Technician assigned to the Office of Software Development of the Bureau of Communications.

CPO Cress, report to Captain (JG) Erik Plossl, Director of Software Development for further assignment

In Honor of the Queen

Issued by:
David Weiner, KSK, GCE, CGM
Rear Admiral, RMN
Fourth Space Lord, BuComm
Baron, Serpent Head Point


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