Requesting Aid

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In the case a member of the TRMN who wishes to take an Academy course but faces Accessibility issues that would limit their ability to complete the course on their own, she or he may make use of an additional person who reads the questions to the member and writes down or enters the answers for her/him. For math related issues a student may request an additional person who helps to guide them through process of finding the solution. The assisting person does not have to be but can be a member of TRMN (e.g. A teacher or librarian) and does not need to fulfill the requirements of a Field instructor per AO 1102-09

The Academy requires the full name of the assisting person, and, in case of this being a TRMN member, also her/his membership ID, the TRMN member must meet the requirements of AO 1102-09 and have completed the course being taken with a passing grade. The Academy must be notified of the fact the course will be assisted by a second person. This can either occur at the time of the request for the course or by the student or assisting person having contacted the Office of Accessibility ( letting either the instructor or Accessibility know what accommodation is needed. This may be requested by using the comment box on the Course Request Forms or contacting the Instructor and Office of Accessibility if issues arise after the course is requested.

Failure to adhere to these conditions and/or omission of requested data will result in failing the course. All existing regulation on re-taking courses and grading apply unchanged. Those providing support to members may contract the Office of Accessibility and request to be added to a list stating their willingness to offer future support to TRMN members in their region.