Protector's Unit Citation for Gallantry

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Protector's Unit Citation For Gallantry
31 - Protectors Unit Citation for Gallantry.png
Authority: Lord David Weber, Grand Duke,
Montana on behalf of the Monarch,
as advised by the First Space Lord.
Frequency: Once per Unit per Year.
Branches: GSN

The Protector's Unit Citation for Gallantry is awarded when a unit performs exceptionally well on behalf of the Grayson Space Navy. No canonical references exist for recipients.

The Royal Manticoran Navy equivalent award is the Royal Unit Citation for Gallantry.

TRMN Information

This award is issued for chapters (defined as Ships) and command teams (Defined as staff of the command) that rise above and beyond the call of duty by displaying gallantry, determination and esprit de corps in their activities. All crew serving when this distinction was achieved are eligible to wear this citation. It is worn on the right hand side of the uniform.

How to Obtain

Senior leadership advises the First Space Lord who in turn submits recommendations to Lord David Weber.

Recipients of this Award

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