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Combat Infantry Badge

Combat Infantry Badge

The Combat Infantry Badge is issued in acknowledgment of active participation across many aspects of the Royal Manticoran Army (RMA) and TRMN as a whole. In canon, it is for participation in ground combat action, having been personally present and under direct hostile enemy fire in the official capacity as a soldier in the RMA.


The Combat Infantry Badge shall be awarded to any soldier in the RMA or military personnel of the Grand Alliance assigned to an Army installation or unit in a support capacity when that soldier reaches a total of twenty (20) points in qualifications in the four categories below, with the provision that no more than ten (10) points may come from any single category.

Academics / Testing

Each exam completed at the King Roger I Military Academy shall count as one half point, with examinations from other military and civilian academies counting as one-quarter point.
SGT Wilson has completed six exams from KR1MA and four from the Merchant Marine Academy. This yields four points. (0.5 x 6) + (0.25 x 4) = 4

Charity / Community

Soldiers shall earn credit toward this category by participation in charity events for Big Cat Rescue or other charity designated at the unit level or above. Each instance requires participation, not simply attendance, at the charity event. Each event shall count as one point for charities other than Big Cat Rescue, for which events that qualify for the Grand Alliance Campaign Medal, two points shall be earned.
Captain Mainwaring has participated in Extra Life, one local charity event, and one fundraiser for Big Cat Rescue for which he was awarded the Grand Alliance Campaign Medal. Captain Mainwaring will receive a total of four points, one each for the two locally authorized charities and another two for the Big Cat Rescue event. (2 x 1) + 2 = 4

Event Participation

Soldiers shall receive points in this category based on their attendance or participation in major events while participating as a member of an RMA unit. Each award of the Prisoner of War Medal, the Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal, the Silesian Peacekeeping and Observational Medal, or Havenite War Campaign Medal, shall confer three (3) points. One point shall be awarded for attending events external to the chapter, or for participation in events run by the chapter for the benefit of other chapters or non-TRMN personnel. In order to qualify for the one-point level, the soldier must have participated the entire time as TRMN personnel, preferably in convention minimum or other appropriate TRMN- identifiable garb, or by associating with TRMN-branded displays or personnel.
PVT Fraser has earned a Prisoner of War Medal for attending a STARFLEET event in TRMN uniform, attended two conventions with his unit, and taught attendees how to play Battletech at a game day hosted for the public by his unit. This would be one instance of the 3-point event, and three instances of a one-point event for a total of six points. (3 x 1) + 3 =6

Request For Assistance

Upon completion of all relevant qualifications, a soldier or their chain of command shall email a full list of said qualifications to the office of the chief of staff of the RMA.