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This user page template gives quick info about a wiki team member. All fields are optional. If you don't want to include any of these parameters insert somewhere on your user page.


{{User data
| c1=
| photo=
| name=
| age=
| birthdate=
| location=
| website=
| email=
| gmail=
| aim=
| icq=
| twitter=
| screenname=
| parents=
| siblings=
| children=
| marital status=
| occupation=
| rank= 
| countrycode=
| admin=
| noflag=

Optional parameters

  • c1: Optional background color. Default is white.
  • photo: Image filename only (size: 200px).
  • name: Name or full name
  • age: Your age
  • birthdate: Your date of birth
  • location: Where you live
  • website: Your website
  • email: Email address
  • gmail: Google username
  • aim: AIM username
  • icq: ICQ username
  • twitter: Twitter account
  • screen name: Online nickname
  • parents: How many parents
  • siblings: How many siblings
  • children: How many children
  • marital status: Current marital status
  • occupation: What you do for a living
  • rank: Your TRMN rank (RMN, RMMC, RMA, etc).
  • countrycode: Your country code in all capital letters. Will show your flag if it's installed. If your flag is not installed, it will show "UFP".
    • US, UK, etc. For a full listing of country codes visit IANA's Root-Zone Index
    • Earth indicates from the planet Earth
  • admin: Enter "Y" if you are an admin.
  • noflag: Enter "Y" if you don't want your country flag to show up.