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| crest       = 
| flash       = 
| sl          = 
| dsl         =
| 2dsl        = 
| cos         = 


Parameters in bold are required fields. Not bold = optional.

Parameter Explanation
crest The Bureau's crest image. If no image is available, omit this parameter and [[File:RMNFlash.png]] will automatically be used.
flash The shoulder flash for this Bureau.
sl Rank and Name of the Space Lord in charge of this Bureau.
dsl Rank and Name of the Deputy Space Lord for this Bureau.
2dsl Rank and Name of a secondary or alternate Deputy Space Lord.
cos Rank and Name of the Chief of Staff for this Bureau.

Example when done

| crest       = BuShipsCrest.png
| flash       = BuShipsFlash.png
| sl          = [[ADM]] Lord Sir John Roberts
| dsl         = [[CDRE]] Sir Michael Garcia