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Terms of House of Commons

Term Length

Each member of the House of Commons shall have a term length of three years, except initially, when the term limits will be as follows:

Term Limits

All those elected to the House of Commons may serve two terms maximum.

An exception will be granted to those serving the initial One Year Term, who will be permitted to serve an additional two terms in addition to their first one year term.

For the purpose of the TRMN hat rule, these positions are exempt.


To serve in the House of Commons, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Been a member for at least one year
  • Completed, at least, your first exam through BuTrain
  • Have attended at least one event. An event defined as a Chapter Meeting, Convention, Chapter or Fleet Event (movie night, charity drive). The event can be virtual.
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have not had any warning or censure in the previous 12 months

If you are a Peer, a Chapter Commander or member of the Command Triad, a Fleet/Station Commander, a Space Lord, or a member of the Royal Council you are prohibited from serving in the House of Commons. Additionally, if you serve on the staffs of one of these positions, you are prohibited from serving in the House of Commons.

If you are elevated to a peerage during your term, you will be permitted to serve out the remainder of your current term in the House of Commons before you are able to be seated in the House of Lords. If you quit your seat in the House of Commons before their Term is up, a Special Election will be held to fill the seat. The elected Member of Parliament will be allowed to serve out the remainder of the term, and if the term is one year or less, will be eligible to run for two additional terms. If the remaining term is more than one year, they will only be eligible to run for one additional term.

Holding Chapters:
Due to the global nature of Holding Chapters, their members are spread out over a large geographical area. The members of Holding Chapters may run for any open House Seat in the Fleet in which they reside. For the purpose of numbers of Representatives, the Holding Chapters do not add to the total number from each Fleet. Only one member from each holding Chapter is able to serve in each Fleet, in the same way that the only one member may serve from any Chapter in any Fleet.

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