Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine Uniform Regulations

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Note from the Author

The sections that follow are intended to act as a guide for those who wish to construct a canon uniform for the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine component of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN). While TRMN is a military fan organization, the Uniform Board does recognize that not all members have the resources to construct a fully to spec uniform. The official policy of TRMN is, and will remain, one of "do your best," and we hope that members will utilize the resources compiled in these sections to accomplish that end. The uniform descriptions are broken down by type and organized for personnel in the grades of C-12 through C-23, as well as for personnel in the grades of C-1 through C-8. Any special cases have been noted where appropriate.

Many options exist regarding uniforms, however, the material contained within should be considered "best practice," and is endorsed by the Uniform Board, Admiralty House, and Bureau Nine (BuNine) as keeping with the spirit and brand of the Honorverse. For some items there are no suitable substitutes and in those rare instances the exception has been noted.

I hope that you will all enjoy this new component and, as always, if there are any questions, comments, suggestions, or errors that need correcting, please get in touch and I will work with the Uniform Board and the leadership of the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine to make the necessary updates.

Those of use that worked on, and contributed to, the realization of the uniforms for this component love what we do, and have created what follows as a labor of love to bring our vision of TRMN to you. Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to look your best, and to make sure you have fun doing it! Thank you and enjoy!

Important Note - Please Read before Continuing

The artwork found in the following sections is for informational purposes only and is included to provide a visual supplement to the text and the provided measurements. While every effort has been made to ensure the artwork is as accurate as possible, please default to the textual descriptions and the included measurements.