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Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy is the premier training facility for The Grayson Space Navy and is a division of the Bureau of Training. They offer a wide variety of courses in several different subjects. The faculty of the Academy are continually working to improve current curriculum and to develop new and exciting courses for the students to take.

Organization and Mandate

IMNA was formed as a part of BuTrain in 2008 per Protector's Order 0901-14. This established the creation of the first liaison from the GSN to the Bureau of Training. Similar to the Saganami Island Naval Academy, it's mandate is to first provide organizational and leadership training that is required for promotion in ranks within the GSN. It's secondary mandate is to promote study and learning in science, engineering, math, history, military history and space exploration.

The following is the established organizational structure of IMNA:

Enlisted Training Center

At the IMNA Enlisted Training Center newly enlisted Spacers learn the ins and outs of military life and the basics needed to progress, to survive, and to rise to their Test. As the Spacer progresses in rank, they learn additional skills such as leadership and management. Students learn about military history, Grayson standard knowledge, and practical information needed to perform their jobs. The IMNA Enlisted Training Center is further divided into:

  • Junior Enlisted Training School
  • Senior Enlisted Training School

Officer Training Center

At the IMNA Officer Training Center, lessons learned earlier in the Spacer’s career are used as the basis of the change and additional information, knowledge, and leadership skills are included in the curriculum. The IMNA Officer Training Center is further divided into:

IMNA War College

The IMNA War College teaches the arts of tactics, leadership and strategy.

The Grayson Technical Specialties Center

The Isaiah MacKenzie Naval Academy’s Grayson Technical Specialties Center trains enlisted personnel in their ratings, and officers to lead the departments and divisions in which these ratings work.

Alvarez Field LAC Training Center

All courses here are focused on LACs, their tactics, and in further developing doctrine and training for the same.


Commandant IMNA

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CDRE Penny Horwitz 20 September 2014 February 2015
2 CAPT Christopher Fells KCR, MC, DSO, ME February 2015 17 February 2016
3 CAPT Michael Spath OM, SC, OG, ME 17 February 2016 14 September 2016
4 CDRE Robert Demkiw KDE 14 September 2016 03 March 2017
5 CDRE Lohengrin Perez Canon KDE, CBM 03 March 2017 30 July 2021
5 CAPT Richard Davenport 30 July 2021 Incumbent

Academy Staff

Follow the link below to find a searchable and continuously updated staff list for the Bureau of Training and the connected Academies.

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