HMS Pegasus Ship’s Order 2002-02

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HMS Pegasus Ship's Order 2002-02 was issued 07 February 2020 by Commanding Officer HMS Pegasus (CLAC-26). This order made awards.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in The Royal Manticoran Navy, the Grayson Space Navy and all allied navies, armed forces and Civilians
From: Commanding Officer, HMS Pegasus CLAC-26
Re: Ships Order 2002-02 - Awards

As of the date of this order by my hand, and the authority vested in me, by the Crown of Manticore and the Sword of Grayson, it is my pleasure to issue the following awards.

For acting as ships steward for the ship’s November gathering, ensuring that tables were cleared, orders were relayed and empty glasses passed back to the bar and in addition for ensuring that everyone had drinks for the loyalty toasts, Cadet Ranger Two Matthew Culmer is hereby awarded the Naval Achievement Medal.

For speaking truth to power and offering feedback when it might be scary to do so Cadet Ranger One Lindsey Culmer is issued with a Captain’s Letter of Commendation.

Congratulations to all.

The above is effective 07 February 2020

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Issued by:
Captain (SG) Benjamin Wagner, KDE, MC, OC, CR, DGC, OG, NS, CGM, CBM
Commanding Officer
HMS Pegasus
Baron Eboracum