HMS Pegasus Ship’s Order 1607-01

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HMS Pegasus Ship’s Order 1607-01 was issued 01 July 2016 by Commanding Officer HMS Pegasus (CLAC-26). This order appointed a crew member as a gunner.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in The Royal Manticoran Navy, the Grayson Space Navy and all allied navies and armed forces
From: Commanding Officer, HMS Pegasus CLAC-26
Re: Ship’s Order 1607-01 - Appointment of new Gunner to HMS Pegasus

Having completed academic requirements, Spacer 2nd Class, Alex Shaffer is hereby appointed by my authority to Gunner (Spacer 2nd Class) with all the rights and privileges thereunto.

Gunner Shaffer is the first member of the crew of HMS Pegasus to be appointed as a Ships's Gunner through pursuing studies at Saganami Island Academy. He is to be commended for this effort and dedication.

Gunner Alex Shaffer, you are hereby directed to your post. Fail not in this charge at your peril.

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Issued by:
Captain (SG) Jesse Oquendo
Commanding Officer
HMS Pegasus (CLAC-26)