HMS Invincible Ship's Order 1806-02

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HMS Invincible Ship's Order 1806-02 was issued 03 June 2018 by CAPTSG Sir Jamey Salsberg. This order is regarding crew promotions.

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians onboard HMS Invincible
From: Captain (SG) Sir Jamey Salsberg, KDE, MC, OC, RMN
Re: Crew Promotions (HMS Invincible Ship's Order 1806-02)

As of the date of this order, by my authority as commanding officer, HMS Invincible;

Having met the required Time in Grade, required course work from Saganami Island Academy and having obtained the required promotion points, I hereby announce the following authorized promotion:

Chief Petty Officer (E-7) Patrick Anderson to Ensign (O-1)

CPO Anderson has been involved in chapter and BuTrain duties. He has developed the newest Technical Specialties Course, currently in Beta testing, Legalman. In his spare time, he is quite involved in one of Honor Harrington’s favorite organizations, the Society for Creative Anachronisms.

Please join me in congratulating HMS Invincible’s newest Officer. He now gets the honor of offering toasts to the Queen, at any Invincible events.

Congratulations and Well Done, Ensign Anderson.

In Honour of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
Jamey Salsberg, KDE, MC, OC
Captain (SG), RMN
Commanding Officer
HMS Invincible (SD-455)


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