GNS Covington Ship's Order 1809-03

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GNS Covington Ship's Order 1809-03 was issued 30 September 2018 by CAPTJG Richard Matheny. This order is regarding assignment of the ship's Communication Officer.

Order Text

To: Ensign Ryan Presson, RMN, GNS Covington
From: Captain (JG) Richard Matheny, RMN
Re: Billet Appointments (GNS Covington Ship's Order 1809-03)

Having shown the aptitude by completing the appropriate courses through Saganami Island Academy, and a willingness to assume a billet aboard ship, by my authority as Commanding Officer, GNS Covington (CLAC-01), I do so hereby appoint:

Ensign Ryan Presson, Royal Manticoran Navy, as the Ship’s Communication Officer.

As the Communication’s Officer, you will:

  • Be the Communication’s Division Officer, working with rated communications crewmembers to support the overall communications needs of the ship.
  • Assist the Captain, XO, and Bosun with administering the ship’s Facebook group page. This includes posting announcements by direction, approving new member requests, and moderating discussion where necessary.
  • Assist with administering the ship’s Discord server, including assigning permissions as necessary to new members on the server, establishing new permission categories as needed, and moderating discussions as required.
  • Coordinate with 4th Fleet Communications Officer as required to ensure flow of communications between the GNS Covington, other 4th Fleet Ships, and the 4th Fleet Flagship. Also coordinate communications with other ships in our geographical location (i.e. 3rd Fleet RMN ships) as necessary.
  • Assist the crew with utilizing communication tools as they request it, such as basic assistance with Discord, navigating the forums, etc. Act as an initial assistance point prior to a crewmember submitting a Bolthole ticket.

In Honor of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
Richard Matheny
Captain (JG), RMN
Commanding Officer
GNS Covington (CLAC-01)


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