GNS Covington Ship's Order 1809-02

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GNS Covington Ship's Order 1809-02 was issued 30 September 2018 by CAPTJG Richard Matheny. This order established policy regarding sharing fundraising campaigns on the ship's Facebook group.

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians onboard GNS Covington
From: Captain (JG) Richard Matheny, RMN
Re: Sharing Fundraising Campaigns in the Ship’s Facebook Group (GNS Covington Ship's Order 1809-02)

In accordance with Admiralty Order 1611-02, I am setting the following policy concerning posting of fundraising campaigns in the GNS Covington (CLAC-01) Facebook group. This policy will be effective immediately, and will be effective until replaced, or unless superseded by a higher authority.

  1. Any fundraising campaign may be shared in the GNS Glory page, as long it is for a non-profit organization, or in support of a fellow TRMN member, or to support an event that a TRMN member, ship, fleet, etc is hosting.
    a. An example of a non-profit organization would Big Cat Rescue, or the DAV
    b. An example of supporting a fellow TRMN member would be sharing that members Go Fund Me page to get money to attend SphinxCon.
    c. An example of supporting an event that a TRMN member/ship/etc is hosting would be trying to raise money to sponsor some costs of hosting a con.
  2. Sharing of the fundraising campaign will be restricted to once per week per campaign.

In Honor of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
Richard Matheny
Captain (JG), RMN
Commanding Officer
GNS Covington (CLAC-01)


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