Eighth Fleet Order 1811-01

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From: Rear Admiral of the Red Sir J. Eddy Roberts, QCB, MC, KR, SC, CBM
To: All Eighth Fleet Personnel and all other interested personnel of the Grand Alliance
Regarding: Awards List for Eighth Fleet, Spanning Q3 2018.

The following personnel are awarded the MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL for service at RINGCON:

Spacer 1/c Robert Benton

For their dedicated service at this Bubonicon 2018, an Eighth Fleet event, the following are awarded the HAVENITE OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL.

John Roberts
Jason Gurule
Richard Foust
Philip Dillard
David Reustle
Michael Dethlefs
Spencer Cerame
Scott Madison

For Her Majesty the Queen,

Sir J. Eddy Roberts, QCB, MC, KR, SC, CBM
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, 8th Fleet