Eighth Fleet Order 1708-02

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Date: 18 August 2017
To: All hands, 8th Fleet, the RMN, GSN, RHN, IAN and other allied and interested forces
From: Rear Admiral of the Red J. Eddy Roberts, MC, SC, CBM, RMN, Commanding Officer 8th Fleet

As of this date, by my hand, and under the authority granted me in AO 1701-04, I hereby announce the following officer promotions.

2nd Lieutenant Rebekah Roberts (MARDET SIREN) to 1st Lieutenant RMMC
2nd Lieutenant Dan Spence (MARDET RELIANT) to 1st Lieutenant RMMC


Ensign Sky Meyers-Forby (HMS Reliant) to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Ensign Mike Anthony Lythgoe (HMS Reliant) to Lieutenant Junior Grade

For the Queen!

Sir J. Eddy Roberts, QCB, MC, KR, SC, CBM
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Commanding Officer, 8th Fleet