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A crest is the commonly used term for a what is called in heraldry a badge, a graphic emblem used to represent a ship, Echelon unit, or fleet

Royal Manticoran Navy

RMN Ships' Crests

Example of a 20th century British Royal navyship's badge, HMS Juno

The Royal Manticoran Navy has an established format for ships' crests, inspired by the badges of British Royal Navy ships developed in the 20th century. RMN ships' crests consist of a 5-sided rope border ensigned by the crown of the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

Background format for all RMN ships' crests

Below the crown is a scroll on which is written the ship's name, and at the bottom is a scroll with the ship's motto above a panel with the Hull number of the ship. Within the rope border is a unique badge for the ship, emblazoned on a Space Black background. Fonts for the ship's name, Hull Number, and motto are uniform for all ships' badges.

Ships which are on the List of Honor are distinguished by a gold rope border in place of the standard silver border.

RMN Squadron Crests

BatRon 1.jpg

Squadrons have crests in a different format than those of ships. The border is a similar 5-sided shape but not a rope. The royal crown ensigns the crest, below which is a representation of the type of ship which makes up the squadron units, below which is a scroll with the wording of the type of squadron, e.g. "BATTLECRUISER SQUADRON," and at the bottom is a scroll with the squadron's motto. Within the frame is a graphic design unique to the squadron, incorporating the number of the squadron, on a space black background.

RMN Fleet Crests


Grayson Space Navy

GSN Ships' Crests


The Grayson Space Navy also utilizes ships' crests, which are circular with a white rope border. Within the rope, a dark blue border has the ship name and Hull Number, and a unique graphic badge within that.

GSN ships' crews wear their ship's crest as a patch on the right shoulder of their uniforms.

GSN Squadron Crests



In The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN), each ship-based chapter devises a crest with the assistance of the College of Arms and the Art Department. RMN ships' crests may be used for merchandise such as mugs, banners, and patches, although the crest patch is not part of the RMN uniform.

Gallery of RMN Ships' Crests

See Gallery of Crest Images

Below is a selection of ships' crests used by current and former TRMN chapters:

BC592Crest.png Avalon-crest.jpg DD486Crest.png CA47Crest.png BC722Crest.png HMS Claymore BC618.png HMS Death Claw.png CL717Crest.png BC480Crest.png CA428Crest.png CA548Crest.png BC566Crest.png Implacable-crest.jpg HMS-Intrepid.jpg SD455Crest.png CA489Crest.png Kodiak-Max.png SD316Crest.png Merlin-crest.jpg Hmspegasuscrest.png DD1291Crest.png BC401Crest.png Hmsrevenge.png Samurai-crest.jpg HMS-Werewolf-Crest.png CA429Crest.png

Gallery of RMN Squadron Crests

BatRon 1.jpg BatCruRon11Crest.png BatCruRon96Crest.png

Gallery of GSN Ships' Crests

Albion-crest.png Barbarabancroftcrest.png GNS Covington.jpg Joshua-crest.jpg Gnsolympus.png Pauloftarsus-crest.png