BuTrain Order 086-18

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BuTrain Order 086-18 was issued on 08 December 2018 by the BGEN George Farmer, MC, QBM. This order appoints a new member to the Camp Maastricht staff.

Order Text

To: All Members of the Grand Alliance
From: BGEN George Farmer, MC, QBM
Re: Appointment of Marine Training Command Missile Crew Instructor (BuTrain Order 086-18)

Lance Corporal James Jonson, (RMN-5156-18) of HMS Helen BC-570 is hereby appointed to the position of Marine Training Command Camp Maastricht Missile Crew instructor and promoted to the rank of Platoon Sergeant. Effective 08 December 2018.

In Honor of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
George D Farmer Jr, MC, QBM
Brigadier General, RMMC
Commandant, RMMCTC


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