BuTrain Order 035-16

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Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Saganami Island Academy Faculty, and all Allied Forces
From: CAPT SG Christa Brolley, GS, QGM, EM,
Re: Technical Specialty College Awards (BuTrain Order 035-16)

Commander RJ Lundgren was the Gunner Instructor in the Tactical Department for almost 8 months. In that time, he became a Tactical Department fixture, and a valuable member of the Tactical Department team. Prerequisites for the Gunner A Exam includes passing both Missile A and Beam Weapons A. If an applicant did not meet these requirements, it was up to the Gunner Instructor to inform the student of the work they need to complete; the Tactical Department Chair passed along all Gunner requests whether the prerequisites were met or not, allowing Commander Lundgren to build an initial relationship with his future students so they could then contact him directly when these requirements were met. It can be quite easy for an Instructor to become frustrated or impatient with having to temporarily deny a student's exam request. However, whenever Commander Lundgren had to deny a student based on incomplete prerequisites, he copied the Department Chair on his message to the student to help keep him informed. Without fail, these messages were polite, professional, and welcoming to the student. Even if they could not take Gunner A at that moment, Commander Lundgren took great pains to invite the students back when their prerequisites were complete. Invariably after one of Commander Lundgren's messages went out, the student quickly requested the Missile and/or Beam A exams, indicating CDR Lundgren was keeping TRMN members in SIA. He continued to maintain these positive relationships when the members returned to the Gunner School. In recognition of Commander Lundgren's diligence, consistent high quality, professionalism, and service to the Tactical Department while he was the Gunner instructor, he is hereby awarded the Navy Commendation Decoration.


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Issued by:
Christa Brolley, GS, QGM, EM
Commandant, Technical Specialties College