BuTrain Order 008-21

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BuTrain Order 008-21 was issued on 17 January, 2021 by the Commandant of the Merchant Fleet Academy. It appointed the Unlicensed Engine Instructor at the Merchant Fleet Academy.

Order Text

BuTrain Order: 008-21

To: All Officers and Ratings of the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine, All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy and Saganami Island Academy Faculty and Staff, Allied Navies, Facility and Staff of Manticoran Merchant Fleet Academy
From: The Rt. Hon. Peter Gold, PC

Commandant, TRMN Merchant Fleet Academy

Re: Appointment of Merchant Fleet Unlicensed Engineering College, Unlicensed Engine Instructor, Lt Commander Kaye Downing

As of the date of this order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, I hereby appoint Lt Commander Kaye Downing Kaye Downing, RMN [RMN-0059-10] to the position of Unlicensed Engine Instructor at the Engineering College of the Merchant Fleet Academy. You will assume the additional duties of teaching to teach the Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Impeller and Hyperdrive courses.

Lt Commander Kaye Downing you are hereby ordered to report to the offices of the Engineering College, Manticore post haste to assume your duties as the Merchant Fleet Academy, the Rt. Hon. Peter Gold, Commandant, Merchant Fleet Academy where you will report to the Rt. Hon. Joe Jungers, Deputy Commandant, Merchant Fleet Academy.

Effective Date 17 January 2021


In honor of the Empress

Issued by:
The Rt. Hon. Sir Peter Gold, KCE, CGL, OG, GS, CBM
Master, RMMM
Commandant, TRMN Merchant Fleet Academy


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