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Sphinx Forestry Service
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Level two courses are designed for ages 9 through 12 and include questions that require short answers. Not all questions are directly related to the Honorverse, however, students will start to see more and more Honorverse topics introduced. Answers can be found everywhere, not just in the Honor Harrington books. It is once again, strongly encouraging that students get help from their parents or guardians if there are any questions or problems. Many of these courses are being redesigned and may not be available. See the course request course for the courses available.

Course Name Course Number
Reading SIA-SFC-0201
Communication SIA-SFC-0202
Environmental Studies SIA-SFC-0203
Plant Studies SIA-SFC-0204
Animal Studies SIA-SFC-0205
Human Studies SIA-SFC-0206
Technology SIA-SFC-0207
Transportation SIA-SFC-0208