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Merchant Fleet Academy
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Bagaduce River College
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Kaylee Jo Lingley School of Spacemanship

The Kaylee Jo Lingley School of Spacemanship courses are designed to familiarize students with the basic history of both the Manticoran merchant marine and the real-world merchant marine. Individuals with no training start as Apprentice Spacers. Completion of Basic Spacer Training will permit you to take the endorsement courses needed to become an Ordinary Spacer, Wiper, or Steward's Assistant.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Spacer Training SIA-RMMM-0001 Membership
General Spacer Training 2 SIA-RMMM-0002 SIA-RMMM-0001
General Spacer Training 3 SIA-RMMM-0003 SIA-RMMM-0002
General Spacer Training 4 SIA-RMMM-0004 SIA-RMMM-0003
General Spacer Training 5 SIA-RMMM-0005 SIA-RMMM-0004

General Endorsement School

These endorsements will be open to both unlicensed and officers of all departments. These courses are for what are normally collateral duties. For an individual with another job on the ship.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Vessel Security Duties SIA-RMMM-001G SIA-RMMM-0001
Vessel Security Officer SIA-RMMM-002G SIA-RMMM-001G
Coxswain SIA-RMMM-003G SIA-RMMM-0001
Damage Control SIA-RMMM-004G SIA-RMMM-0001
Crowd Management SIA-RMMM-005G SIA-RMMM-0001

Senior Management School

The Senior Management School oversees the courses for three different jobs. Superintendents are a planet or orbital based position that oversees either an entire geographic market, a couple of diverse types of ships. A Managing Director is a senior member of a company, usually on the Board of Directors, they are active in the day to day running of the company. The make and oversee major company policy. The Trade Minister is a senior government official, usually a junior member of the Cabinet, who is in charge of creating trade policy, overseeing and promoting the merchant marine as an industry that is integral to the Star Empire.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Superintendent SIA-RMMM-1002 SIA-RMMM-1001D or E
Managing Director SIA-RMMM-1003 SIA-RMMM-1002
Trade Minister SIA-RMMM-1004 SIA-RMMM-1003