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Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy
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IMNA Naval College
Enlisted Training Center
Officer Training Center
IMNA War College
IMNA Technical Specialties College
IMNA Alvarez Field LAC Training Command
IMNA Administration Department
IMNA Tactical Department
IMNA Operations Department
IMNA Engineering Department
IMNA Astrogation Department
IMNA Logistics Department
IMNA Hugh Yanakov Centre for the Study of Military Law


The Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy (IMNA) has served the Sword and Grayson for generations. With the move to our new facility at Alvarez Field, just thirty minutes by aircar from Harrington City, Steading of Harrington, we now have the means to train the Steaders of Grayson not only to modern Grand Alliance standards, but to lead the charge in the technological race against all future enemies using the time-honored methods of hands on training and using the best simulators currently available anywhere.

IMNA is split into multiple schools grouped into departments and centers for ease of administration. The campus itself is quite large, using the Grayson tendency to spread out. Most of the campus, including the Captain Mark A. West Memorial Stadium where the IMNA’s Baseball team plays, is under a dome built exclusively for the school’s use. Adjacent to the academy is Alvarez Field itself, where the GSN has a facility and landing field.

The IMNA faculty are continually working to improve the current curriculum and develop new and exciting courses. Currently, IMNA is split into the following two curricula: Career Advancement and Skills Development.



The Commandant of Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy is responsible for overseeing the training needs of members of the Grayson Space Navy. The commandant also oversees the development of training courses and appoints staff members to instruct those programs.


IMNA’s Instructors are the primary link in the chain between students and the Academy. Instructors oversee a course or series of courses. They assist and grade student courses, post results, and provide completion certificates. Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy Rank Courses