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Civilian Space Services Academy (CSSA)
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CSSA Main Line Training College
Civilian Space Services Specialty School
Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Specialty School
Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine Specialty School


The Civilian Space Services Academy (CSSA) oversees the combined Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Services Academy (RMACSA) and the Royal Manticoran Merchant Fleet Academy (MFA), allowing a combined administrative staff to provide unity of command and instruction. The CSSA’s focus is on instructing Astro-Control personnel, merchant spacers, and other members of TRMN on the fundamentals of both of these services, both within the Honorverse and TRMN. The CSSA offers its educational services through the following two main training centers: the Main Line Training College and the Civilian Space Services Specialty School. Each unit is headed by a Vice Commandant and offers coursework appropriate to their respective missions.



The Commandant is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of the Civilian Space Services Academy including supervising the development of new courses for the academy (in cooperation with the BuTrain Course Development staff), overseeing the faculty and staff, and the hiring and relieving of all faculty and staff.


As noted above, the Main Line Training College and the Civilian Space Services Specialty School are both headed by a CSSA Vice Commandant. One of these individuals simultaneously serves as the CSSA Deputy Commandant. The Vice Commandant of the Main Line Training College oversees the Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Service Main Line Department, the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine Main Line Department, and all associated instructors. The Vice Commandant of the Civilian Space Services Specialty School oversees the Astro-Control Technical Specialties Center, the Merchant Marine Specialty School, and all associated instructors.


Instructors are the primary point of contact between the students and the Civilian Space Services Academy. Instructors oversee one or more series of courses within a sequence or specialty school. They ensure that courses are graded, results are entered into MEDUSA, certificates of completion are distributed, and students are provided with a first line of support when needed.