BuShips Directive 2202-06

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BuShips Directive 2202-06 was issued on 22 February 2022 by the Third Space Lord. This directive awards HMS Demon with admittance to the List of Honor.

Order Text

BuShips Directive 2202-06

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians within the Star Kingdom of Manticore, and members of the Grand Alliance
From: RADM Calabasas, Third Space Lord
Re: BuShips Directive 2202-06, List of Honor 2021

22nd Day, 3rd Month, Year 309AL

Ladies and Gentleman of the Grand Alliance,

After careful consideration of submissions, supporting documentation and chapter reports of submitting chapters, the selection committee for the List of Honor has made a decision.

The List of Honor is the most prestigious award that a ship within the Royal Manticoran Navy can achieve. It signifies a concerted team effort towards a goal, of which benefits TRMN as a whole. The committee looks at much more than simply the submission which is sent to us. When a chapter submits a bid for the List of Honor, we take a look at things like chapter reports, forum activity, and if available after-action reports and supporting letters from surrounding leadership.

To date, only four chapters have been selected to be added to the List of Honor. Today, it is my pleasure to announce the addition of a fifth.

Attention to orders:

Captain Senior Grade Sir Samuel Dietzman,

HMS Demon performed her duties in a manner above and beyond the call of duty. The officers and crew of HMS Demon continually sponsored activities for nearby chapters in the region, fostered a sense of camaraderie and morale during the midst of an international pandemic. Additionally they served as mentors, providing the ways and means for other chapters to emulate their success and ceaselessly worked to build up those chapters around them. Finally, the officers and crew of HMS Demon completed countless hours of service to their local community, and volunteered their time at conventions, both locally and in support of their fellow chapters states away. For those reasons, and many more, the officers and crew of HMS Demon exhibit the professionalism, the esprit-de-corps, and the humility, that comes with the honor of being named as a Ship of The List. HMS Demon brings great credit upon herself, Second Fleet, and The Royal Manticoran Navy.

All crew that were part of the chapter in 2021 are allowed to wear the List of Honor ribbon with gold border and scroll.

Additionally, HMS Demon’s ship crest will be given the gold rope border, signifying to any passing vessel the distinction of her enrollment on the List of Honor.

Congratulations HMS Demon, this award was hard earned, and well deserved.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III

Issued by:
Christopher Thompson, GCE, MC, OC, KR, SC, NS
Rear Admiral of the Green, RMN
Bureau of Ships, Third Space Lord
Baron Calabasas



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