BuShips Directive 1912-03

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BuShips Directive 1912-03 was issued on 4 December 2019 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. This directive announces the 2019 year-end holiday closure of the Bureau of Ships offices.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted of the Royal Manticoran Navy, Her allies, Civilians, Marines and Army
From: RADM Calabasas, GCE, MC, OC, KR, SC, NS, RMN
Re: Bureau of Ships Holiday break. (BuShips Directive 1912-03)

To all members of the Grand Alliance,

The Bureau of Ships will be taking a much-deserved break during the holidays. The offices will be closed beginning Friday, December 20th at 10PM and will re-open on the morning of January 3rd, 2020.

You may still submit any paperwork during this period, but please keep in mind that due to limited staffing, it may not be until after the break that they will be processed or replied to.

I wish to everyone a Happy Holiday season, and good luck in 2020,

" "
Issued by:
Christopher Thompson, GCE, MC, OC, KR, SC, NS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships
The Right Honorable, The Baron Calabasas



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