BuShips Directive 1612-01

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BuShips Directive 1612-01 was issued 1 December 2016 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. This directive appoints the command staff for HMS Drake (CA-01).

Order Text

To: CAPTJG Lady Allison Gahrmann, MC, RMN
From: CDRE Sir Michael D. Garcia, KCE, RMN
Re: Appointment of Command Staff, HMS Drake (CA-01) (BuShips Directive 1612-01)

Captain White Rose:

The following personnel are assigned to your command, HMS Drake (CA-01), in the defined capacities:

The above order is effective on this date, 01 December 2016.

In Service to the Queen,

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Issued by:
Michael D. Garcia, KCE, OC, SC, GS
Commodore, RMN
Deputy Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships
" "
By Direction:
Lord Sir John Roberts, KDE, SC, OR
Admiral of the Green, RMN
Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships
Earl, New Mecklenberg
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