BuPlan Order 1808-02

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Buplan Order 1808-02 was issued 25 August 2018 under the authority of the Second Space Lord. It appoints an Editor to the Second Space Lord's staff in the Bureau of Planning.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy and all Allied Navies
From: Rear Admiral of the Green, Dame Diane Bulkeley, KDE, MC, KR, SC, DSO, QBM, CBM, Second Space Lord
Re: Appointment of Editor, Bureau of Planning (BuPlan Order 1808-02)

As of midnight, 25 August 2018, Lord Sir Commander Drew Drentlaw, GCE, MC, DSO, GS, QBM, CBM, Baron Glencairn, is appointed to the position of Editor for the Bureau of Planning, replacing the copy editors. Lord Glencairn is extremely well suited to the role and knows the message that the Bureau of Planning is trying to convey to the public, having previously served as the Second Space Lord himself. He brings a professionalism to the role, ensuring that the Bureau maintains a consistent and polished message in all its communications, both internal and external. BuPlan welcomes him aboard as he will work together with Duke Mountain View. Lord Glencairn, please proceed forthwith to the Bureau, and take up your post.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III,

Issued by:
Diane K Bulkeley KDE, MC, KR, SC, DSO, QBM, CGM
Rear Admiral of the Green, RMN
Second Space Lord, Bureau of Planning
Baroness New Essex



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