BuPlan Order 1707-01

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Buplan Order 1707-01 was issued 18 July 2017 under the authority of the Second Space Lord. It appoints Intelligence Agents to the Second Space Lord's staff in the Bureau of Planning.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy and all Allied Navies
From: Ensign Z Krick CBM, Staff Intelligence Officer, Bureau of Planning
Re: Appointment of Intelligence Agents, Bureau of Planning (BuPlan Order 1707-01)

On behalf of the Second Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy, RADM Lady Dame Diane Bulkeley, KDE, MC, CR, SC, DSO, CGM, Duchess of Mountain View it is my duty and pleasure to announce the appointment of the following to Intelligence Agent for the Bureau of Planning.

Ian Brannan Lieutenant Senior Grade HMS Hellhound and Sidemore Station First Fleet Intelligence Agent

Ed Cook Ensign HMS Barbarossa Sixth Fleet Intelligence Agent

Nikki Ebright Ensign, RMN Eighth Fleet Intelligence Agent With this position, there is a brevet promotion to Ensign (O-1).

There are still open positions that need filling and we would love to have you. We are looking for at least two Agents per Fleet. Please contact me if you are interested.

  • First Fleet Agent: Ian Brannan
  • Second Fleet Agent: Vacant
  • Third Fleet Agent: Vacant
  • Fourth Fleet Agent (Americas): David Sanders
  • Fourth Fleet Agent (Europe): SCPO Emil Bojar
  • Fifth Fleet Agent: Vacant
  • Sixth Fleet Agent: Ed Cook
  • Seventh Fleet Agent: Vacant
  • Eighth Fleet Agent: Nikki Ebright
  • Ninth Fleet Agent: Vacant
  • Tenth Fleet Agent (North): Ed Lund
  • Tenth Fleet Agent (South): Travis Lindquist

Lieutenant SG Brannan, Ensign Cook and Ensign Ebright you are hereby instructed to report to BuPlan to assume your position as Intelligence Agents. Congratulations and welcome aboard!

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III,

Issued by:
Z Krick, CBM
Ensign, RMN
Staff Intelligence Officer, Bureau of Planning

By Direction Of:

Issued by:
Diane K Bulkeley KDE, MC, CR, DSO, CGM
Rear Admiral of the Green, RMN
Second Space Lord, Bureau of Planning
Duchess Mountain View



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