BuPlan Directive 1810-01

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Buplan Directive 1810-01 was issued 15 October 2018 under the authority of the Second Space Lord. It requires that promotional content and copy for TRMN be reviewed by BuPlan.

Order Text

Attention all members of TRMN:

BuPlan Directive 1810-1

Effective immediately, promotional copy (the text of a news story, advertisement, television commercial, etc..., as distinguished from the related visual material) and content used for recruitment, promotion, and advertisement of any type, must be reviewed and approved by the Bureau of Planning. BuPlan is establishing a consistent message across all forms of media. This check will ensure that grammar, spelling, and message match our overall branding and marketing strategy.

You should submit the copy used in Flyers, Brochures, Posters, and Displays to the Chief of Staff of the Bureau of Planning. The copy will be reviewed by our staff, and returned with either an approval or required revisions in a timely manner. We understand that time is of the essence and will do our best to see that it is returned quickly.

This program is to ensure the continued standard such as the one that BuComm has maintained with the artwork (please refer to AO 1406-1). We need to certify that the verbiage matches the quality of the artwork. Please submit the copy only; artwork will still be handled by the Bureau of Communications. The copy can be part of the body of the email; it does not need to be a separate attachment.

Please submit final approved copies to BuPlan so we can keep it in our archives for future use, and to make quality work available to the membership in the marketing section of the forums. Thank you for your participation in this very important program.

In Service To The Crown,

Issued by:
Diane K Bulkeley KDE, MC, CR
Rear Admiral of the Green, RMN
Second Space Lord, Bureau of Planning
Baroness New Essex



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