Royal Manticoran Reserve Fleet

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The Royal Manticoran Reserve Fleet is the fleet utilized by the Bureau of Ships for any vessels placed in decommissioned status following a number of conditions. Dependant upon the condition, a vessel may be placed in Active Reserve or Inactive Reserve.

Active Reserves

Typically, vessels whereby the entirety of the crew transfers off to commission or recommission another vessel will be transferred to the Active Reserves. An Active Reserve vessel is made available to any other crew wishing to recommission her into Active Duty.

Inactive Reserves

A vessel may be transferred to the Inactive Reserves if there is a specific condition whereby the vessel may no longer be in commission. Often, this is the result of another vessel on Active Duty that already holds that name. Within TRMN, no two chapters may share the same name. Alternately, the vessel may have its name retired by the Royal Council or the Bureau of Ships.


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