Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command

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Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command is the premier training facility for The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps and is part of the Bureau of Training. They offer a wide variety of courses in several different subjects. The Marine Academy is constantly working to provide new subjects and areas of study.

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Organization and Mandate

flag of the RMMC Training Command

RMMA was formed as a part of Saganami Island Naval Academy in 2011 per Corps Directive 05-1109. Its mandate is to first provide organizational and leadership training that is required for promotion in ranks within the RMMC. Its secondary mandate is to promote study and learning in science, engineering, math, history, military history and space exploration. In 2017 the RMMCA was established as a stand-alone academy directly under the 6th Space Lord and the Commandant of the RMMC per Butrain Directive BD 001-17. Also in 2017 per Corps Directive 02-1612 it was renamed the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command and moved to RMMC Camp Maastricht in the Duchy of West Wind.

Currently the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command offers courses in several different areas

Marine College

The Marine College oversees the Marine Enlisted Training Center and the Marine Officer Training Center.

Enlisted Training Center

The RMMCTC Enlisted Training Center is a basic introduction to the Honorverse as well as a basic introduction to the The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. The RMMCTC Enlisted Training Center is divided into three sections, Basic Enlisted School, Non-Commissioned Officer School, and Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School.

  • The Basic Enlisted School is designed to be a true introductory course. All members, upon joining are required to take the E-1 Basic course if they want to advance in rank. This simple course gives you a good introduction to the Honorverse.
  • The Non-Commissioned Officer School is designed to begin your training as a leader and manager. It will introduce, in very broad terms, some basic leadership concepts and management ideas.
  • The Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School will further your education as a leader and manager.

Officer Training Center

The RMMCTC Officer Training Center designed to teach leadership, management and tactics.

  • The RMMCTC Warrant Officers School is designed to advance Senior Non-Commissioned Officers who deserve and have earned the chance for more command responsibility and furthers the leadership advanced by the Non-Commissioned Officer's School of the RMMCTC Enlisted Training Center.
  • The Junior Officer School trains the first two levels of Officer. These courses focus on basic management and leadership.
  • The RMMCTC Staff Officers School - The Staff Officers School is only available to individuals who have passed the qualifying courses and have been nominated by a Colonel or above. This is an extremely hard set of exams which will really stretch your ability to provide a well thought out and reasoned answer to some of the hardest questions faced during operations planning.
  • The Senior Officer School trains the highest two levels of Officer. These courses focus on more advanced management and leadership techniques, including a leadership course.

War College

The RMMCTC War College The RMMCTC War College trains RMMC flag officers. These courses focus directly on advanced management, leadership, and tactics.

Technical Specialties College

The RMMCTC Technical Specialties College is where you learn more about your various ship-board divisions and systems. These courses are recommended for both Enlisted and Officers as they will help you understand your department better.


Commandant RMMCTC

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 COL Andrew Knipe, RMMC 15 September 2011 04 October 2015
2 BRGEN Joseph Grieco MC, ME, GS 04 October 2015 04 Feb 2018
3 BRGEN George Farmer MC, QBM 04 Feb 2018 29 Jan 2019
4 BRGEN Greg Fitzsimmons 29 Jan 2019[1] 7 Jan 2021
5 MGEN William Farley, KSK, MC, SC, OG, DSO, CBM 7 Jan 2021[2] Incumbent

Deputy Commandant RMMCTC

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 FM John Brice, RMA 24 August 2011[3] Incumbent

Academy Staff

Command Staff

Follow the link below to find a searchable and continuously updated staff list for the Bureau of Training and the connected Academies.

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