RMMC Enlisted Training Center

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Courses Available

The following courses are currently available from the Enlisted College, as of February 2014[1]:

Course Name Prerequisite Paygrade(s) Unlocked
Royal Manticoran Marine Corps - Enlisted Courses
SIA-RMMC-0001 Basic Enlisted Course TRMN Membership E-1 Private
E-2 Private 1st Class
E-3 Lance Corporal
SIA-RMMC-0002 Basic Non-Comm SIA-RMMC-0001 E-4 Corporal
E-5 Sergeant
SIA-RMMC-0003 Advanced Naval Non-Commissioned Officer SIA-RMMC-0002 E-5 Platoon Sergeant
SIA-RMMC-0004 First Sergeant SIA-RMMC-0003 E-8 First Sergeant
SIA-RMMC-0005 Sergeant Major SIA-RMMC-0004 E-9 Sergeant Major
SIA-RMMC-0006 Regimental Sergeant Major SIA-RMMC-0005 E-10 Regimental Sergeant Major