RMMCTC Technical Specialties College

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The RMMC Technical Specialties College (fka Technical Specialties Center) is a part of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command and is designed to help marines learn more about their various ship-board divisions and systems. Enlisted members will receive Basic and Advanced-level training, Warrants will be asked to complete technical projects to promote their expert-level understanding of a specific rating, while Officers are trained to become Experts in their field. Technical Specialties College includes 10 Specialty Ratings and additional Technical Specialty Qualifications programs.

Schools & Departments

There are four levels/schools within the Center:

A School

The "A" School offers basic training in a technical rating or specialty. This school is most often attended by enlisted members who're looking to "strike" within that rating. 'A' school exams require successful completion of SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted) as a pre-requisite.

C School

The "C" School offers advanced-level training in a technical rating or specialty. Advanced-level training will be useful to petty officers who are looking to augment their on-the-job and basic training within that rating. Successful completion of SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer) training, or equivalent training in a different service branch, is required prior to entering any "C" school courses.

W School

The "W" School offers (potential) Warrant Officers with the opportunity to demonstrate their Expert-level understanding of a specific technical area with a project. That project should be enough to satisfy the qualified instructors of their prowess in the field. Aspiring candidates must complete initial Warrant Officer training (SIA-RMMC-0011 Basic Warrant Officer, or equivalent) prior to "W" school courses.

D School

The "D" School provides (potential) Commissioned Officers with high-level training and management skills to lead a specialty in which the technical rating resides. Successful completion will then allow the member to become a Rated Company Commander (or equivalent) for their specialty (if their rank is equivalent). If an officer should complete the A-C-D course progression within this rating, they will be considered a trained/rated Division Officer. SIA-RMMC-0101 (2nd Lieutenant) course, or equivalent, is required for all "D" schools.


The Technical Ratings are separated into two different programs, Marine Skills School and Marine Shipboard Specialties School:

Courses Available

Course Name Program Prerequisite(s)
SIA-SRMC-01A Basic Armorer Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRMC-01C Advanced Armorer Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-01A (Basic Armorer)
SIA-SRMC-01D Expert Armorer Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0101 (2nd Lieutenant)
SIA-SRN-01C (Advanced Armorer)
SIA-SRMC-01W Armorer Warrant Officer Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-01C (Advanced Armorer)
SIA-SRMC-07A Basic Rifleman / Grenadier Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRMC-07C Advanced Rifleman / Grenadier Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-02A (Basic [[Rifleman / Grenadier])
SIA-SRMC-07D Expert Rifleman / Grenadier Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0101 (Ensign)
SIA-SRN-02C (Advanced [[Rifleman / Grenadier])
SIA-SRMC-07W Rifleman / Grenadier Warrant Officer Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-02C (Advanced Rifleman / Grenadier)
SIA-SRMC-05A Basic Assault Marine Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRMC-05C Advanced Assault Marine Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-03A (Basic Assault Marine)
SIA-SRMC-05D Expert Assault Marine Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0101 (2nd Lieutenant)
SIA-SRN-03C (Advanced Assault Marine)
SIA-SRMC-05W Assault Marine Warrant Officer Marine Skills SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-03C (Advanced Assault Marine)
SIA-SRN-04A Basic Yeoman Administration SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRN-04C Advanced Yeoman Administration SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-04A (Basic Yeoman)
SIA-SRN-04D Yeoman Division Officer Administration SIA-RMMC-0101 (Ensign)
SIA-SRN-04C (Advanced Yeoman)
SIA-SRN-04W Yeoman Warrant Officer Administration SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-04C (Advanced Yeoman)
SIA-SRN-05A Basic Coxswain Flight Operations SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRN-05C Advanced Coxswain Flight Operations SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-05A (Basic Coxswain)
SIA-SRN-05D Coxswain Division Officer Flight Operations SIA-RMMC-0101 (Ensign)
SIA-SRN-05C (Advanced Coxswain)
SIA-SRN-05W Coxswain Warrant Officer Flight Operations SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-05C (Advanced Coxswain)
SIA-SRN-06A Basic Helmsman Astrogation SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRN-06C Advanced Helmsman Astrogation SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-06A (Basic Helmsman)
SIA-SRN-06D Helmsman Division Officer Astrogation SIA-RMMC-0101 (Ensign)
SIA-SRN-06C (Advanced Helmsman)
SIA-SRN-06W Helmsman Warrant Officer Astrogation SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-06C (Advanced Helmsman)
SIA-SRN-07A Basic Plotting Specialist Astrogation SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRN-07C Advanced Plotting Specialist Astrogation SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-07A (Basic Plotting Specialist)
SIA-SRN-07D Plotting Specialist Division Officer Astrogation SIA-RMMC-0101 (Ensign)
SIA-SRN-07C (Advanced Plotting Specialist)
SIA-SRN-07W Plotting Specialist Warrant Officer Astrogation SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-07C (Advanced Plotting Specialist)
SIA-SRN-08A Basic Fire Control Technician Tactical SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRN-08C Advanced Fire Control Technician Tactical SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-08A (Basic Fire Control Technician)
SIA-SRN-08D Fire Control Technician Division Officer Tactical SIA-RMMC-0101 (Ensign)
SIA-SRN-08C (Advanced Fire Control Technician)
SIA-SRN-08W Fire Control Technician Warrant Officer Tactical SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-08C (Advanced Fire Control Technician)
SIA-SRN-09A Basic Electronic Warfare Technician Tactical SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRN-09C Advanced Electronic Warfare Technician Tactical SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-09A (Basic Electronic Warfare Technician)
SIA-SRN-09D Electronic Warfare Technician Division Officer Tactical SIA-RMMC-0101 (Ensign)
SIA-SRN-09C (Advanced Electronic Warfare Technician)
SIA-SRN-09W Electronic Warfare Technician Warrant Officer Tactical SIA-RMN-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-09C (Advanced Electronic Warfare Technician)
SIA-SRN-10A Basic Tracking Specialist Tactical SIA-RMMC-0001 (Basic Enlisted)
SIA-SRN-10C Advanced Tracking Specialist Tactical SIA-RMMC-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)
SIA-SRN-10A (Basic Tracking Specialist)
SIA-SRN-10D Tracking Specialist Division Officer Tactical SIA-RMMC-0101 (Ensign)
SIA-SRN-10C (Advanced Tracking Specialist)
SIA-SRN-10W Tracking Specialist Warrant Officer Tactical SIA-RMMC-0011 (Basic Warrant Officer)
SIA-SRN-10C (Advanced Tracking Specialist)

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